19 acres of unleashed potential


Intersect East Master Plan 4.23.21.jpg
A  /  Office 72K SF /w Restaurant
B  /  Office 30K SF

C  /  Light Manufacturing 20K SF
D  /  Office 10K SF
E  /  Office 13K SF

F  /  Light Manufacturing 45K SF
G  /  Light Mfg/Research 40K SF

H  / Office/Lab 21K SF
I  /  Office/Research 100K SF

J  /  80 Apartments 100K SF
K  /  Office/Research 100K SF
L  /  80 Apartments 100K SF
M  /  Office 60K SF
N  /  Office 40K SF

O  /  Office/Lab 100K SF
P  /  13 Executive Townhomes 18K SF

Our location is ideal. Because it’s downtown. The site bridges East Carolina University and the bustling Dickinson Avenue Arts District. An innovative blend of renovated and new buildings for officing, light manufacturing, and R&D offer more than 869,000 square feet. Cool apartment buildings, restaurants, and generous green spaces offer gracious, convenient living. It’s inspired infrastructure, in the service of you.

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Isolation is no friend to innovation.
Yet why are most innovation parks sequestered out in the suburbs?

Intersect East is different. It’s strategically centered to foster the dynamic interplay of business, academia, and downtown living that creates what growing companies need most: an uncompromised environment for unfettered innovating.


Elliott Sidewalk Communities

We build downtown joy by aligning the interests of municipalities and their university neighbors, creating vibrant Main Street environments that integrate campus life with town life. We transform underused or vacant parcels into a thriving, walkable downtown destination. It attracts students and residents alike with unique retail, cultural, and hospitality amenities. It creates energy, economic growth, and a renewed sense of community. It’s a joy to behold.