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Innovation spurred by collaboration

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford. ESC works harmoniously with campus, economic, and industry leaders to achieve a unique innovative environment. Below are the teams Elliott Sidewalk is relying on for assisting in this project and fostering success.   

Elliott Sidewalk Communities


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Elliott Sidewalk Communities is known for its community-driven unique visions which blend history, technology, and community spaces that point to the future. Placemaking is at the core of our vision as each plan takes a team of municipal, business, and community leaders striving for plan excellence. Tim Elliott, our Managing Partner & Chief Visioneering Officer, leads the multitude of community leadership to create some of the more desirable downtown office and research campuses. “I like to think of myself as more of an Orchestra Conductor making music with leadership ideas” -Tim Elliott. The applause comes when creative tenancy works together to create jobs, living, and workspaces in harmony.

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The City of Greenville is the cultural, educational, economic, and medical hub of Eastern North Carolina. Home to East Carolina University and ECU Health, Greenville provides a graceful balance of small-town friendliness with metropolitan amenities for its nearly 100,000 residents and thousands of visitors. Greenville thrives by offering industries in advanced manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and the manufacturing of medical devices and supplies among others, while also boasting a vibrant Uptown District that features a variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. The City continues to work closely with development teams to help them achieve their vision for impactful projects and keep Greenville on its positive trajectory.

ElectriCities believes in energizing North Carolina’s public power communities to be their best. The company’s purpose is to deliver value to public power communities and foster economic growth for its constituent communities. They collaborate and enjoin private development, tenant, and municipal needs to help build communities.

Greenville Eastern North Carolina Alliance is a public-private partnership created to promote business recruitment, retention, and expansion within Greenville and Pitt County. The organization’s overall goal is to attract new industry and retain existing businesses by developing sites strengthening the workforce, and enhancing the region’s quality of life. Intersect East is impactful for creating innovation and workforce development for the region.


Greenville Utilities Commission provides electric, water, sewer, and natural gas services to the City of Greenville and 75% of Pitt County. They serve nearly 150,000 customers and work with the developer to help assure the utility needs are met.

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NC Biotech works statewide to accelerate technology-based economic development in the life sciences. The Eastern Office’s activities enhance the talent pipeline, support biopharma company growth, and create networking opportunities in the region.


NCEast Alliance is the lead economic development organization serving eastern North Carolina. They work with state, local and national economic development organizations to help existing industries expand; actively market to and assist in the recruitment of new businesses into the area; build regional economic capacity; and provide confidential site location assistance for companies seeking available buildings and sites for expansion or relocation.


Pitt County has earned the distinction as the retail, educational, healthcare, recreational, and cultural hub in Eastern North Carolina. With a well-diversified economy anchored by Vidant Health, East Carolina University, and a thriving industrial base, Pitt County is the home of Grady-White Boats, Hyster-Yale, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Mayne Pharma. These and other industries have continued to grow along with this vibrant community. Pitt County can assist with support services and possible incentives for your business relocation or expansion to Pitt County, the City of Greenville, and Intersect East. Pitt County is growing, changing, and creating the future!


Uptown Greenville represents the driving force for economic, social, and cultural development of the City’s Center – the Uptown Business District. The nonprofit provides a safe, engaging atmosphere, rich with historical architecture, storefronts, public art, sidewalks, parking lots, and parklets. Live, play, eat, shop, invest.

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