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Access to Olympic-caliber innovation for champion businesses

A Pacesetter is defined as a person or
organization that takes the lead and sets the standards of achievement for others. Imagine a community filled with Pacesetters all looking to change the game. Intersect East provides an Olympic-caliber training facility for innovative businesses complete with the resources to help you WIN.  

A hub of innovation, Intersect East
welcomes Pacesetters to join us in building a community filled with entrepreneurship, collaboration, and game-changing work. Whether a company in early stages of growth or one looking to take things to the next level this campus includes innovation, collaboration, and a center built on helping you succeed. Whether you are a Pacesetter working in technology, science, or a manufacturing business you can find a home here at Intersect East.


A university campus as your next-door neighbor

The chances for innovation are endless when you locate yourself in a hub of learning.

When you have big dreams and aggressive goals, it’s great to have a university next door. Combine its research brainpower & resources with yours, and exciting things happen. Take advantage of the university’s R&D resources and talent, combine it with other neighbor Pacesetter champions, and you have a formula for growth with efficiency!

Proximity to the university offers top talent to help grow and attract your next generation of Pacesetters.


An environment built for growth

This place is a remarkable growth engine for champion companies. Great businesses locate here to become even greater. To accelerate change, to press your advantages, to put more distance between yourselves and your competitors, to grab the future with both hands, Intersect East helps you push the boundaries of success.

A reimagined workplace

Pacesetters recognize their growth is supercharged when their companies are interconnected with a dynamic community. Our unique and collaborative environment creates a culture of live, work, play. Instead of single-function isolated buildings replete with cubicle mazes, this project mixes repurposed historic buildings with new industrial chic, ready for your workforce seeking exciting workspaces. Here, you can also take a blank slate site primed and ready for you to make your own champion statement.

The campus and green spaces with on-site dining options foster real community, innovation, and promotes innovation exchange.

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